I have got an open wire storage rack for my living space recently, I wondered a lot about how to make it more elegant. There are some tips I want to share.

Open wire storage rack, the most common storage rack you can get. It is very convenient to storage lots of little things we collected for years or it can become good helper in kitchen. Whatever you do, do not let it looks clutter.

1. Place green plants
Just a few plants can wake up an entire space, adding texture to your rack and a pop of color to your room. If you like flower, you can place it on, fresh flowers also smell lovely, which is always a plus. Whether it is a green plant or a flower, it would be a highlight on rack
If you don?t know how to grow plant, especially during winter, this article may help you: https://www.langria.com/blogs/style/...e-winter-blues

2. Place some books
That doesn?t mean you can put few books randomly, if you're looking for a storage solution as well as a design idea, you can create a color story with your books to boost your room's color palette, or go minimal and present two or three of your favorite covers as an art installation, try displaying your books vertically in tight groups and anchoring them with bookends.

3. Place little storage box
If you have many little things that could be cluttered easily, you can put them in a little storage box, and place the box on rack. Please choose the box fit your whole storage solution, the box don?t need have a special personality, there would be no highlight if having too much highlights. Storage like this is ok

4. 4. Place objects vary in height
When arranging items on your rack make sure that the objects vary in height for a larger visual impact, Just remember whether you choose to display a tall, unique piece of art, or a sleek, contemporary vase, add something that draws your eye upward.

That?s all my opinion, and if you want to find rack with high quality and pretty price, maybe you can step into IKEA, LANGRIA, two sites I prefer.

If you have other great idea about style wire storage rack, let me know~