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Thread: Ergonomic Office Chair is a Worthwhile Investment

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    Red face Ergonomic Office Chair is a Worthwhile Investment

    For anyone who sits for hours at a desk, a right ergonomic office chair is going to play an important part in boosting productivity, as well as providing health benefits. If you spend a lot of time in your office, you may understand the pain and stiffness that comes with sitting for hours in the same spot. A good office chair should have an active impact on your working efficiency and health. If the chair isn?t right for your body, it can distract you from your work and make your body feel sore and whacked after a long workday. Plus, long-term sitting in an inappropriate chair could slowly affect your posture, which could cause back pain and other related problems. This is the reason why nearly all office spaces are providing ergonomic office furniture and even homeowners tend to choose an ergonomic office chair to be a part of their furniture. A right ergonomic office chair is a worthwhile investment. Ergonomic seating works well with the human body to fight physical stress while offering a pleasant and healthy work experience with no distractions. Now, keep on reading to learn about the benefits of ergonomic office chairs and find out how to create a more comfortable workplace for yourself.

    Encourage Good Posture
    An ergonomic office chair affects your sitting posture a lot. When sitting on a traditional chair for a long period, the natural tendency for most of us is to slouch forward too much or leaning too far back and this posture can impact on spinal ligaments, discs, and the surrounding tissue. Ergonomists observed this and found the relation between our sitting posture and the shape of the spine. Using the MRI, researchers studied that the ideal sitting posture to reduce the spinal pressure is a relaxed position with the back reclined backward about 135 degrees while the feet were still on the floor. (source via WebMD) Based on this scientific research, having an ergonomic office chair with a robust backrest should be a top priority for people who sit in front of the computer for a long time. The sole purpose of the ergonomic office chair is to coax the body into a position to adopt and maintain the ideal biomechanical posture. The ergonomic chair is not so fancy as traditional chairs, it is generally constructed around a frame that has the appearance of an old-fashioned dentist chair with adjustable seat heights and headrests. It is more flexible than traditional office chairs and it allows you to customize its position to fit your body according to various sitting preferences. The design of the ergonomic office chair contributes to maintaining good posture for long periods when you work.

    Reduce Back Pain

    Choosing an ergonomic office chair is crucial for most working people. According to a study by JAMA, over 1/4 of Americans sit for more than 8 hours a day. And according to research done by ACA, back pain has been one of the most common reasons for missed work and the second-leading cause of seeing a doctor. The main reason behind this is a poor posture while seated. While sitting for prolonged periods, we keep a static posture that increases stress to our back, neck, and shoulders, which can add an abundance of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. A normal office worker sits for 8 hours per day without working extra time and for 40 hours per week. Over time, your poor sitting posture can damage spinal structures and contribute to or worsen back pain.

    An ergonomic office chair is a type of seat that, when used correctly, can help one find an ergonomic position and maintain good posture when sitting. Ergonomic seating allows you to personalize your chair to find the ideal posture, which takes pressure off your spine and helps with weight distribution. Some ergonomic office chairs even have headrests that are adjustable to different heights to improve your posture while keeping your spine properly aligned.

    Boost Productivity
    A well-designed ergonomic office chair does not only make you feel comfortable, but it will also keep you energetic even after long hours of working in front of your computer. While sitting by an ergonomic posture, you suddenly don?t need to move constantly to find a proper position to sit and you will stop noticing your chair. Instead, you are undistracted and begin to focus on the really important stuff. A hard chair is going to deprive the sitter of the energy and zeal to properly work. A well-adjusted and ergonomic office chair, on the other hand, is going to keep the sitter comfortable and it gives him energy to be more productive in whichever task (s)he is performing. Ergonomic seating accommodates workstyles, various activities, and different body types. It allows you to move, spin, and roll, and it can flow your body and let you change a variety of adjustments. It furthermore improves your productivity and enhances your job satisfaction, which contributes to effective teamwork, less human error, and more productive time spent at the office. The ergonomic office chair lights up your workplace environment, allowing you to work with less fatigue and stress to reach a higher working efficiency.

    All together, these statistics and facts reveal that an ergonomic office chair is something that can optimize workplace comfort and improve working efficiency. If you want to improve your overall health and boost productivity at the office, having an ergonomic office chair will be a worthwhile investment! To get the solution on how to choose the right ergonomic office chair, check out our blog post "How to Pick the Best Ergonomic Office Chair."

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    Absolutily right !
    I am 100% agreed with you. your explanation is awesome. I can understand because my work is related to Laptop and i spend round about 10 hours daily on my laptop. with out ergonomic office chair, it's not possible.
    I can understand the worth of ergonomic chair.
    without this I got back pain and not feel relax during work.

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    For me, what works is backjoy. You put that on any of your chair and it would correct your posture while working.

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