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    Default Fire damage restoration

    I am new to this forum and I need some information which I think it will be helpful for me in repairing my house.

    My house caught fire due to a short circuit, and the fire spread in the entire house damaging the rooms and many things, including my beds, cupboards, appliances, gadgets, etc. The fire brigade came and stopped the fire. This incident has brought a huge loss to me. But without repairing, it can even extend the damage to my home. So I have decided to fix it. When I searched online, I came to know about fire restoration services. Has anyone here hired such a service? As I haven't hired such a service before, I need some suggestions on this. Who should I contact first: my insurance company or restoration? I would like to know your opinions and suggestions so that I can make the final decision. Please help me.

    Thank you
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