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Thread: Ideas for these cubes !

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    Default Ideas for these cubes !

    Hi, I moved house a couple of months ago and had an idea that I would have some cabinets made that would go at the back of the room and that I would fill them. When I moved in, reality struck and I realised the room was not so big, but I still bought some small cabinets (roughly around 11 inches x 11).........but I do not know what to put in them. I don't have lots of ornaments or stuff like that, so does anyone have any suggestions? I have thought about getting some canvas prints, but there are not many that are 11x11 inches. Also, I might consider arranging the blocks so they are in an L shape from right to left.
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    How about books or card/board games?

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    Books, decor pottery, decor lights, flower pots, framed photos, travelogues...

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