Hi Guys

We are looking to buy a new electric water heater for our condo.

we were looking into Thankless but we don't have enough circuits (100 Amp only) to support it. Also the hybrid ones seemed like a good option but we dont have enough space to install it.

So the only option is to use a electric water heater. we don't have gas in the condo , its all electric

I was wondering if you guys had any options what I could look at ? some specifications i was looking at is

- 40 gallon capacity since its just the 2 of us

- something that is very efficient, maybe even has a setting to turn the temp down when we are not at home almost 12 hrs a day

- I was told there are water heaters that sense a leak and turn the valve off automatically to avoid a huge mess

can you guys please help me out with a few recommendations i could look at ?