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    Hi, haven't log in for awhile... hasn't been easy for my 1st half of the yr. I've just shifted to a smaller hdb unit at punggol... it's a new unit but the kitchen is pretty tiny as compare to my old flat at ang mo kio. I love to cook and kitchen has always been my comfort zone. So I'm quite particular with the design & fittings... can anyone advise if it's economical to buy those ikea kitchen fittings (with cabinets, shelvings and the likes)? some said they are nice to look at but not practical and durable. Anyone have them before?

    Or should I engage a contractor... but I'm not the shrewd bargaining type... afraid that they may charge too high.

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    Hi Ling

    Hv you shifted in?
    Do u mean you wanna reno ur kitchen only?
    Think you should get a few quotes and compare. Then u could share them here and we could suggest if they hv over/under quote

    Heard tt Ikea kitchen stuffs nt so durable & ex. I hv nt dare to use myself though :P

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    i have used some kitchen / home accessories from Ikea. Not too bad, quite useful and practical. i like most is the cabinet with a build-in iron board, it save space and keep the room neat.

    but since there is a space constraint in your kitchen, i think a made-to-order will be more practical. u can consult yr own contractor/id for some space management in the home.

    happy renovation

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    i personally used alot of ikea furniture for my house. my cabinet in the room and my daughther's room furniture like study table, bookself and TV rack are all from ikea. i have stayed in my currently home with these furnitures for 7 years and it's still as good as day 1 when we brought.

    i not too sure for kitchen's stuff though as the condition might be different cos kitchen is wet so not too sure if it might affect the wood.

    anyway i agree with the rest to get some quotes to compare. renovating cannot be lazy. alot of work to do.

    lion hates o shift house....

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    With time our kitchen gets cluttered with new and new things, but space remains the same. With the right layout or design for your remodeling job, you can use different unused places like corners and walls for storing additional things.

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