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Thread: POSB Home Loans

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    just want to be certain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookies View Post
    i was recently being introduced to this POSB Ideal Home loan as i'm thinking of re-financing my dad's home.

    Was told that the plan helps to hold the interest rate at 0.1% above CPF rate so we don't have to worry about the interest rate will flactuate according to market.
    Wow that's great dear, because interest rate is very low. it's good for us....

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    Default Mortgage rates reach record lows -- again

    I agree that low interest rate for loans is really good for us. With that interest getting low, mortgage rate is also dropping here in the US. The rates on mortgages in the United States dropped to previously-unseen levels again this week. Federal lender Freddie Mac blames slower-than-expected economic growth for the drop. With interest rates remaining low, owning a home is the preferred option for most residents. And due to the economic downturn we have right now, these are the effects.

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