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    currently on channel 8 9pm there is this local drama about school. it hit me that these days children are really stressed by parents on her academic.

    during my time, i think school is not so stressful and my parents really leave me alone on my results. their only requirements are that i must at least have a 'o' level. these days having a degree is not enough.

    no wonder there are more suicide case. children are really too stressed.

    i'm not a parent right now so i can't really comment if i would be a kaisu parent that force my children to do well academically. of cos all parents wants the best of the child but then again i feel that we should develop their true talent. if the child is really not the study type how much of forcing will not help but instead see what other areas of talents the child have and develop that talent instead. i think in this way, the child will grow up much healthy and happier.

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    i totally agree with anit. i think all of us has certain talents of which some we might have realised some we might not.

    of cos basic academic is important but developing other skills and talents is important as well. also i realised many of those talented children do well equally in academic. i think the trick here is we do not deprive them of their interest and in return they develop confidence and independence in their life.

    forcing them to do things they do not like may ended in rebeling and losing self confidence.

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