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Thread: Merry Christmas & Happy 2008 !

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    doraemon1234 Guest

    Default Merry Christmas & Happy 2008 !

    ho ho ho !

    wishing all of you an early

    merry christmas and a fantastic 2008 ahead !

    from the fat old man with white beard in silly red suit

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    Default Merry Christmas !!!

    ho ho ho doraemon!

    Merry christmas to you too & everyone @ myhappyhouse ! Hope you have a HAPPY 2008 ahead!

    its that time of the year again yah. Time to be merry and also time to reflect the past 1 year.... hope i have been not notti but nice !

    What's your wish list for christmas?

    ermm... Guess all i want for christmas is .... my 2 front teeth .... no lah .... abit more patience, abit more peace, abit more love and abit more time for the people i loved !


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    Yup Yup! so fast it's X'mas again! Looking forward to all the presents & parties! kekeke!

    Here's wishing everyone here VERY MERRY Christmas & HaPpy 2008!

    mm... p.s... doraemon... thot you from Japan... why... you also like Korean stars har?? keke! Jang Hyuk, cool!

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    Red face M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

    hi hi doraemon, mewx and all the happyhouse owners (means all those who are members of 'my happy house' lah)!

    felt so nice and warm here with all these christmas greetings ! Enjoy your christmas and all the very best to you all for 2008 !

    May your hearts & home be filled with happiness and joy !

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    doraemon1234 Guest

    Default I am a mongrel


    I am a japanese / korean mix lah... born in Singapore. Wife is Singaporean chinese. You see my Singlish is fantastic... but the most important thing is i am not where near Jang Hyuk in terms of looks okay ...

    I am just a fat cat in silly red suit ...remember ?

    ho ho ho

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