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Thread: Revamp tips with small budget

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    Default Revamp tips with small budget

    hi hi all,

    CNY is just round the corner! Any tips to do small revamp to the house, without costing a bomb in my pockets ?

    All I can think of is:
    1) add big vase with those curly bamboo? Very CNY-ish?
    2) change cushion cover to deep red color?
    3) add those CNY table runners with same deep red color theme? Can buy from chinatown cheap !
    4) change curtain? If not too pricey?
    5) repaint the walls by yourself ! that should create quite an impact !

    Lastly, I think it's time to stock up on NEW YEAR GOODIES ! !

    anyone with more creative ideas than my already "been there done that" ideas, please please contribute !


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    Hi, for me... I would buy those chinese ink painting...simple ones just black & white or with slight hint of red or gold. think that's add more chinese feel but without the loudness.

    Can try to buy those rattan baskets for your goodies... also serve your guests with very 'china' floral pattern glasses that we used to drink F&N orange soda. I think TANGS Home has lots of nostalgic stuff to start with. If not, go hunt those small shops at old HDB estates.

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    Wow ! Kewl ideas! Tks euniceling

    Havent check out Tangs home section for a long time...but I reckon they should be expensive ya !

    Maybe chinatown would have the same stuff at half the price !

    Time to go shopping !

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    hey... just popped by Ikea... they have many cute rat-related CNY deco! A good alternate for those who are tired of traditional cheesy ones.

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    can check out robinson too...

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    Hi Ling,

    yah that day pop by Ikea, and bought a napkin holder in the shape of a RAT !!! afterall its the year of the rat !!! Best is in RED ! Add the festive feel to my home ! heheee ....and only cost a few bucks ! think $3 -$4 ....

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