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Thread: How to protect Outdoor Furniture?

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    I don't know about protect them. there are already many nice suggestions. But if you already got your furniture damaged then May be I have some suggestions for hiding them smartly.

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    Wood should not be sealed when outside, it should be able to breath. That's why such as Cuprinol is best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emeryparr View Post
    Wood should not be sealed when outside, it should be able to breath. That's why such as Cuprinol is best.
    yeah cuprinol would be a nice option but not the best!!!

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    Use waterproof paint.

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    Outdoor furniture can be very costly. As well as, the effort of searching for the perfect set can be very difficult. When you have found the best garden furniture for you, then the future task is to maintain and care for it. Therefore, it is important to ensure the endurance of furniture by protecting them with outdoor furniture covers.

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    The foremost thing which I would advice is to consider the material which doesn't need any regular maintenance like wood furniture, rock furniture etc because you can't predict the possibilities of weather and another thing is if you are not at home or your plan may exceed than expected then you can freely move anywhere without any thought of destructions.

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    Over time, weather ? good or bad ? can do serious damage to your patio furniture. A little wind, a lot of precipitation and too many direct rays can all turn your expensive patio set into a ramshackle pile-o-rust. Protect your outdoor living space and prevent dirt, rot and rust with these simple steps.
    1. Keep it clean
    2. Protect fabric.
    3. Hold it in place.
    4. Use furniture sunscreen.
    5. Plan ahead.
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    You could invest in waterproof furniture or use furniture sunscreen. Also, a good solution is to plan ahead.

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    they do not really change their shape. But do remember to keep them out of the sun. Rain and other elements just need a good wiping down and will be as good as new.

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    i suggest you how outdoor furniture protection, While treating the fabric protects against rain water, cleaning your furniture will remove other air-based wreckage. Artificial resin and wicker are often rinsed down every few months with cold or warm water, while hardwoods need to be wiped down with cleanser and warm water once a year. Metal are often cleaned as regularly as you favor with cleanser and warm water to stop rust from forming.

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