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Friven & Co. Ltd was established in 1977 and is listed on SGX-SESDAQ. It is a customer-centric company with its core business focused on bedding and bed linen brands which include Friven, DS, Perrin de Rossi, Allegoria and Relax@Home. Friven & Co. also distributes a wide variety of home/living accessories and these items include household items, stationery, seasonal décor, electrical products, home décor and general merchandise. This enables the Company to offer customers holistic home/lifestyle solutions. Friven & Co. distribute its bedding/bed linen items in over 50 major department store counters in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Houseware | Friven & Co. Ltd Address 30 Jalan Kilang Barat S(159363)
Houseware | Friven & Co. Ltd Address56 Tanglin Road #02-01 S(247964)
Houseware | Friven & Co. Ltd Telephone68622622
Houseware | Friven & Co. Ltd Fax68622322
Houseware | Friven & Co. Ltd

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