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The Beauty of Candles

Home Decor and Handicraft: Candle Arrangement Materials
Home Decor and Handicraft: Candles


Home Decor and Handicraft: Cut 6 Pieces of Ribbon

Step 1
Cut 6 pieces of ribbon 8” in length and 3 pieces in 10”.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Twist 3 Ribbons Together Using Wire

Step 2
Take one 8” ribbon and gather the two ends together. Do the same for another 8” ribbon and one 10” ribbon.

Hold the ends of the three ribbons together and twist them together using a piece of wire.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Ribbons Fanned Out

Step 3
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining ribbons. Fan out the ribbons in each bunch.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Ribbons Placed between Candles

Step 4
Arrange pillar candles. Place one bunch of ribbons each in between the candles.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Sprigs Tugged between Candles

Step 5
Tug sprigs of branches or berries in between the spaces of candles.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Glitter Sprinkled

Step 6
Sprinkle glitter sparingly over arrangement to add sparkle.

Home Decor: Completed Candle Arrangement Lit Up

While you can turn the average dinner into a celebration with candlelight, it is often best to use unscented candles so that the aromas of the meal can fill the air.  Instead of using fragranced candles, you may also choose colours that match your dinnerware.

Candles in many ways are linked to various events of our lives, be it birthdays, religious celebrations or even in times of need, like a blackout! In recent times, candles have become more than just an association with special events, they are now widely sought after as items to add style, mood, warmth and decoration to the home.

Candles come in every imaginable shape, size and style. They all have different uses and add different highlights to whatever you are decorating, be it a room, a table setting or even an area outdoors.
Festive candles usually come in autumn and winter colours such as red, gold, silver, dark green and sometimes bronze. They may have patterns of leaves, berries or snowflakes on them as well. Glitter of various colours and sequins add sparkle and cheer to the candles.
Follow these easy steps to create a festive centrepiece for your dinner table and impress your guests!