Homework - DIY Home Decor
Homework - DIY Home Decor
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Homework - Anger Management Aromatherapy

Anger Management Aromatherapy

Don't start the new year angry!
Homework - Citrus-Floral Centrepiece

Citrus-Floral Centrepiece

It's common practise to gather relatives and friends for an open house during...
Homework - DIY Seashell Tea Candles

DIY Seashell Tea Candles

Set the ambience with homemade seashell tea lights...
Homework - Spring In A Can

Spring In A Can

Don't throw that can away. Turn it into a pretty work of art...
Homework - How To Make Your Own Photo Frames

How To Make Your Own Photo Frames

Make your own picture frame at a fraction of the cost...
Homework - Simple Wall Stenciling Techniques

Simple Wall Stenciling Techniques

If you crave a change in your house and has an artistic side which is bursting to...
Homework - Bejewelled


Create a jewellery piece that captures your personality.
Homework - Spiralling Prosperity

Spiralling Prosperity

Simple floral arrangement to add on to the CNY mood.
Homework - Oriental Keepsake Box

Oriental Keepsake Box

Create this oriental fabric box for your precious keepsakes.
Homework - Make Your Own CD Case

Make Your Own CD Case

Run out of CD cases just when you need to send out a CD to your client?
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