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Scent Ropes

Home Decor and Handicraft: Scent Ropes

Home Decor and Handicraft: Scent Ropes Materials


Home Handicraft: Making a Knot with 9 Pieces of Wool

Step 1
Cut 9 pieces of wool approx. 2 metres in length. Gather the 9 pieces of wool together, fold in half and loop the folded end through the ring to make a knot. You should end up with 18 equal lengths of wool.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Braiding the Wool

Step 2
Divide the 18 lengths into 3 of 6 lengths each and braid the wool leaving the last 3” unbraided. Using 1 piece of ribbon, secure the braid by tying a bow at the end. Trim off any excess.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Forming a Sachet

Step 3
Place some cotton wool in the centre of a piece of fabric square. Gather the ends of the fabric and pinch the folds in the middle to form a sachet.

Home Handicraft: Sachet Tied to Braid with Ribbon

Step 4
Using a piece of ribbon, tie the sachet to the top of the braid in a bow. Adjust the folds of fabric.

Home Handicraft: Rest of Sachets to Tied Braids

Step 5
Repeat steps 3 to 4 for the remaining 2 fabric squares and tie one sachet in the middle of the braid and one at the end.

Step 6
Put 8 to 10 drops of essential oil in the centre of each sachet.