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Spiralling Prosperity

Home Decor and Handicraft: Spiralling Prosperity

Home Decor and Handicraft: Spiralling Prosperity Materials


Home Decor and Handicraft: Curly Bamboo Placed in Glass Vase

Step 1
Add water into glass vase. Height of water is about one-quarter of vase's height. Place 3 stems of curly bamboo into vase, just above the rim of the vase. This forms a “grid” at the opening of the vase.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Place 2 Stems into Grid

Step 2
Next, place 2 stems of curly bamboo into the “grid”. Height of stems will be taller.

Home Handicraft: Remaining 5 Stems Placed into Grid

Step 3
Place remaining 5 stems into the grid which also helps to enforce the “grid” formation.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Heliconias Placed into Grid

Step 4
Place Heliconias into the “grid” of curly bamboo. All 6 stalks of Heliconias should face in 6 different directions so as to achieve a 3-dimensional effect for a centrepiece.

Home Decor and Handicraft: Spiralling Prosperity

Step 5
Add Chinese New Year ornaments as desired.

To maintain freshness of arrangement, add floral preservative into the water and change water when it turns cloudy. Mist at least twice a day to retain vigour of flowers.

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