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Home Handicraft: Bejewelled
Designed and instructed by Beadz of Joy

Home Handicraft: Customised Jewellery Materials


Home Handicraft: Attach Bail on Briolette

Step 1
Attach the bail on the Swarovski flat briolette.

Home Handicraft: Place Crystal onto Headpin

Step 2
Place one Swarovski faceted round 4mm onto a headpin. Cut the excess wire. Finish the end with a simple wire loop using round-nose pliers to create a drop. Repeat to create a total of four.
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Home Handicraft: Attaching Pieces to Jump Ring

Step 3
Attach the Swarovski flat briolette made in step 1, and two of the Swarovski faceted drops made in step 2 to a Swarovski round crystal link using the jump ring.

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Home Handicraft: Attaching Loop to Round Crystal Link

Step 4
Open a loop on an ear wire. Attach the loop to the other end of the Swarovski round crystal link. Close the loop.

Home Handicraft: Completed Handmade Swarovski Earrings

Step 5
Repeat steps 1 through 4 to create the other earring.