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Yusheng in Abundance

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Yusheng literally means raw fish, but separately, yu also means "abundance" and sheng, "life". A popular Chinese style raw fish salad during the celebration of Chinese New Year, yusheng symbolizes "abundance of wealth and long life". With families and friends gathered around the table, yusheng is tossed into the air with chopsticks while participants spout auspicious wishes to mark the start of a prosperous new year. This tossing action is a Chinese New Year custom called lo hei. Singapore and Malaysia have popularised yusheng to the extent that most people do not know that its roots are actually in Jiangmen, Guangdong province. It's available only during this festive period so take every opportunity to enjoy this mouth-watering dish!

Wah Lock - Carlton Hotel

You must not miss Wah Lock's Raw Hamachi Salad ''Soon Tak Style'' Yusheng as you usher in good luck for the prosperous year of the Rat! Using a special sauce based on a recipe that originates from Soon Tak, this yusheng does not have the common sweet and sour taste typical of sauces made from plum sauce and kumquat paste. The sauce, comprising of selected light seasonings, will enable you to savour the freshness of the hamachi fish (also commonly known as yellowtail).

Shang Palace

During the festive period, with its recent rebirth, Shang Palace's customers are pampered with six different types of yusheng to be indulged in an ambience of rich Chinese heritage. You can take your pick from yu sheng served with abalone, lobster, tuna, Norwegian salmon, ikan parang or even vegetarian. Their special recommendation is the Fortune Yu Sheng with Norwegian Salmon.

Crystal Jade

Offering yusheng made from a selection of the finest Chinese delicacies, such as salmon fish, abalone and lobster, it's not difficult to understand why Crystal Jade has been one of the favourite restaurants for Chinese New Year lo hei among colleagues and business associates. Their secret home made sauce is simply irresistable - taste it and see whether you can guess the composition.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood

Humble in appearance. Divine in taste. Lavished with a homemade peanut and sesame sauce that is based on a traditional recipe handed down through the generations, it is impossible to resist Keng Eng Kee's yusheng. The shredded radish and carrot is passed through cold water to maintain crispness till your very last chomp. That is enough reason to give this humble restaurant a try.