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What's Your Dream Kitchen?

Home Decor Quiz - What's Your Dream Kitchen?

We have come a long way from the days of roasting meat over an open fire outside a cave dwelling. The kitchen was born from the moment our ancestors gained mastery over fire and with this achievement came the provision of light, heat and cooked food--the basics of what we need in a home. In fact, the kitchen might be said to be the cornerstone of a home for our ancestors centuries ago. It is not surprising that many cultures still venerate 'kitchen gods'.

The kitchen has since gone through numerous incarnations, from a central room housing a brick hearth to dirty coal-fired stoves in the basement and to modern workspaces where anything from sandwiches to gourmet meals may be prepared.

But what kind of kitchen is most suitable for you? From classic country style to a sleek retro look, or the Asian kitchen, with an old-fashion cast-iron wok, or a futuristic countertop, utterly bare (all those appliances neatly tucked away in shelves), there is a mind-boggling range of kitchen types. Perhaps a pared-down pantry suits you better, with perhaps a breakfast nook for hectic mornings... or perhaps you dream of space and shelves, with a kitchen island so you really have enough counterspace! What is your dream kitchen style? This quiz may provide some tips.

Q1  What kind of food is prepared in your home?


Q2 Do you ever entertain?


Q3 What do you think of kitchen islands?


Q4 The sink, the cooker and the refrigerator should ___


Q5 Which of these three countertop appliances are essential to your kitchen?


Q6 Which of these implements are indispensable?


Q7 What is your chinaware like?


Q8 What is your ideal colour for a kitchen?


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