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The Colour Quiz for Home Decorating

The Colour Quiz for Home Decorating

Colour: it touches every part of our lives, and affects the way we think about our surroundings. We identify red with danger (for the Chinese, with good luck), green with nature, and yellow with sunshine and cheerfulness. Earthy tones such as beige or brown can either comfort or relax us. The choice of colour therefore plays an essential role when we set out to create our ideal home.

But do you know that it is just as important to choose a colour that fits your personality? That way, you are able to create a living space that allows you to express yourself. To find out what colour reflects your inner self, take this quiz!

Q1 Imagine that you are planning a holiday. Which would be your ideal activity?


Q2 Which of these would ideally form the focal point of your living room?


Q3 As the host, you would like guests to your home to feel:


Q4 How would you describe yourself?


Q5 The occasions that I do the most planning for are:


Q6 To you, a rainbow means:


Q7 As a child, your favourite activity was:


Q8 How do you decorate your desk at work?


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