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Citrus Cloud Dessert Recipe

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Citrus Cloud Dessert Ingredients
Soak gelatins in ice water
Heat up liquid (juice)
Stir gelatins in heated juice
Pour mixture into mixer
Pipe into desired mould and freeze
Serve chilled
Completed Citrus Cloud Dessert Recipe
Tastebuds - Citrus Cloud Dessert Recipe

Recipe courtesy of 2 am Dessert Bar (www.2amdessertbar.com)

If you are looking for some new and interesting dessert recipes, try this one. Aerated, light and citrusy ?just like the fluffy clouds on a clear Spring afternoon. Get a taste of Spring in a forkful!

Recipe courtesy of 2 am Dessert Bar (www.2amdessertbar.com)

Time to prepare: 30 minutes (excluding freezing)

Servings: 6-8 portions

250g citrus juice
5 pieces gelatin
*Optional - Colourings (according to desired effect)

Optional Ingredients For Decorations:
Fresh cut fruits
Candied citrus peels (coat with sugar water)
Coloured jelly
Candy floss

1. Soak gelatins in ice water.
2. Heat up liquid (juice).
3. When gelatins are softened, squeeze out excess water. Stir gelatins in heated juice. Ensure everything is dissolved.
4. Pour mixture into mixer and whisk till fluffy.
5. Pipe into desired mould and freeze till hardened.
6. Serve chilled.