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Blackforest Mojito

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Citrus Cloud Dessert Ingredients
Soak gelatins in ice water
Heat up liquid (juice)
Stir gelatins in heated juice
Pour mixture into mixer
Tastebuds - Blackforest Mojito Recipe

Recipe courtesy of The White Rabbit

Enjoy the delicate freshness of a Blackforest Mojito accompanied by the sound of crashing waves with your feet happily caressing warm sand.

45 ml White rum (Pampero blanco)
15 ml Blackberry liqueur (Chambord)
20 ml Sugar syrup
45 ml Soda
3 wedges Lime
2 pieces Blackberry
2 pieces Raspberry
2 pieces Blueberry
8 pieces Mint

Garnish: Mint sprigg & mixed berries
Glass: Highball

1. Muddle fruit and syrup in a highball glass.
2. Add spirits.
3. More crushed ice. Stir.
4. Top soda and more crushed ice.
5. Add garnish and serve.